Bad guys

Sometimes it seems to me that to be fair and honest is a bad thing.

I was thinking today about our last trip in the USA.

We were setting up a show, putting the posters on the wall (well, posters are for the walls, to stay there and be looked and admired by their true lovers and fans, not for a sad dark drawer to have it ready to sell it for plenty of fucking money in the future…).

The owner of the gallery asked me about an art print we did, it was and it’s still called “Fairytale”. He couldn’t believe it was only 70 bucks. He said “I want to buy them all, I’ll give You double”.

Ok. Think about this.
Basically we’re punk guys, we’ve always done everything by ourselves, then we love big motorcycles, we listen to heavy music and we like skulls.

We live for the sparkling inks and for the power of imagination.
And to be free, totally.

We don’t care about money, they’re only a way for making more art, for having better opportunities.

Anyway, to make it shorter, I said to the owner of the gallery “no, thanks. These posters are for the people” we’ve done them for the ones who love what we do and we want them to have a chance to grab them.”
He simply said “ok, I respect Your idea”. And I felt good.

Ok, we were surely dreaming about a world without opportunists and fake collectors, so lots of people was only buying to resell on ebay. Sad thing.

Expecially for the people truly loving our art.

I also remember people asking for a doodle on posters and we were smiling happy saying “wow, they’ve to love what we do a lot”.

Silly guys…

The day after the posters were on ebay on sale for plenty of money.

And damn, what’s for?

We’re sadly reading people saying we’re bad guys cause we do what we love to do: posters.

But I know how to expiate our faults.
I’ll start helping collectors, I’ll start from the TOP.

I’m gonna search in every museum, in every bookstore, on internet, every way possible, for the posters of the “Gioconda” and buy them all.

Then I’ll burn them  cause it’s not fair.
No, it’s not fair  that Napoleone took it from us during is Italian campaign and then there’s been a lot of reprintings.

The Louvre museum is surely unhappy about all these reprints cause they make the original art available to people, and they’ll loose money.
I wanna help.  I wanna f***ing help!

I can also imagine how Leonardo could feel…

And by the way, before someone thinks we’re considering ourselves too high, it was just an example, we know the difference between Leonardo and Malleus :-)

Listening to the old Melvins of the mighty Lysol.

5 Responses to “Bad guys”

  1. Chil Pushway Says:

    Thank You Malleus (Urlo, Poia and Lu) for making your art more available to people who truly want your art. The only people who are upset and angry about ‘reprints’ are people who are pretending to be fans who do not care about your art, but only care about the print somehow losing its eBay value and its rareness.

    Keep doing what you truly believe in. The true fans of your art will continue to support you.

  2. Shit. I can’t believe that someone’s really buying your art just to ake money. That’s what betrayal and delusion taste like, I guess.

    For what it’s worth, I just put on a Ufomammut record.. and I’ll probably buy one of your poster, just to be hung on my walls. You guys f***in’ deserve it. Keep up the good work!

  3. Im feel so sorry for you too but I have a poster buy there too and I feel me so shamed,but I have no chance to get a poster before you open your store and I have no pay pal,but you know I love your art so much and Im always buy your cd.I have no money but I prefer the handmade limited edition and Im so sad to do tat.I ever supported artists and booking and make it for free.not about the money.Im not for sale.and Im respect your art and I love only coming for you in Hamburg,not about the situation.I pay 40 euros to coming to you and I never have hope you can understand the situation.that was the only one,and its alot of time mistake and I feel so sorry about really.Im ever give my best for supporting artist,really.hope you can understand and I love you really and I feel so sad.

  4. I feel so sad that you started this here against me and I cant understand,you have always my respect, always!believe me!hope that you give me a chance.I have so tears in my eyes that you making this against me and I hoped you give an answer.its so a mistake.I m always support you,when I can.believe!Im soo sad!this is my really opinion not about the situation.

  5. i love malleus. i love you guys so much that i have at least 100 of your prints. when i had the chance to be one of the select few malleus subscribers, i jumped at it without hesitation, because i knew that whatever new things malleus would create, i trusted i would love it. people who have the collector sickness often do sadly store the prints away where they are not being seen enough. i am guilty of this and it really disturbs me. when you get into collecting art its natural that as your tastes change you may start letting go of old stuff to make room for the new, because there is always new art to get excited about. selling means that other fans get a chance to pick up pieces that might be hard to find, and it helps fund the purchase of new art, hopefully supporting the artists and enabling them to live as bohemian artisans, making the world a more beautiful place for us all. i definitely care about the art. when i wake up everyday, one of the first things i do is check online to see if there is something new from any of my favorite artists. i’m obsessed with collecting visual art because i want to someday do something with it all, create some sort of public space where it can be seen by as many people as possible. i am not in this for the resale value, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t sold a few things from my collection. as far as the reprint issue goes, i was a little upset at first hearing that verdena would be made into the ketsueki art print. i was upset only because i recently traded away another great print for the verdena poster and when you trade you try to make it a fair trade. sadly that means money is considered, so a value is placed on a piece based on how awesome and rare it is. its not a big deal at all, and after thinking about it i think its great that this rare art will be available to more people who love something i love. i just wanted to share my point of view here on the blog as a malleus collector who does care and does love the magic. i want the malleus trio to know they rule and not to let silly comments upset them because people always complain and say foolish things. i am actually very excited about the new art print, it looks like its stunning. i would definitely still buy it, even if it is an image we have seen before, because its really good and the new inks are sure to impress. any initial negative thoughts i had are gone, and i am one of the people who has the verdena poster. so i hope this helps with the whole issue hearing me ramble. i love you guys.

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