Good times, bad times

Today we feel sad cause a bad man on a Toyota has bumped into our marvelous black van.
We were in Bruxelles, we stopped at a cross light and he decided it was the time to break into our life with a nice surprise, like knocking heavily on our van. Anyway, it’s not been a great damage, insurance will pay, but he ruined our trip to the capital of Belgium. Damn.
And I must say he got a sort of “caterpillar car”, it was an old one and it was a really concrete car…
van Ok, apart from this we had a great staying in Belgium, the show yesterday was very good, lots of people join us at Bar del Sol in Leuven, it was very very nice. We met some of our friends from Belgium and we enjoyed the night drinking Hoegaarden and listening to music.

Here’s a new details of Ketsueki, I guess some of You have already understood the design of the poster, but we want to do like it’s still a terrible mistery, the curse of the pharaoh Malleus… So, please, be kind, it’s been a bad day, don’t start saying You know everything, saying that there’s no more surprise and so on… act and pretend you’re still confused… ok? Thanks a lot :-)
detailWe’re also gonna  unveil the last of the 3 art prints we’re gonna take with us at TRPS in october. Let’s say it’s a poster we did some years ago, there was a very big help when I first wrote on the blog about it…and there’s a lot of shadow in it. I can tell You it’s a three colours on white glittered paper, it’s been printed trying to make it appear a “old” print, exploiting the paper that is not 100% smooth… You’ll see what I mean very soon.
We’ve done 2 different series,  one of 50 and one of 30 pieces.
Ok, stop for now or I’ll tell You too much and if I say a lot what will I write in the next posts?

Tomorrow we’ll drive to Hamburg, hoping the “bad belgian concrete car man” won’t follow us…
Flastock Europe will start on thursday, so I hope to meet some of You there.
Please, don’t leave us alone like in Tilburg, please don’t!
Flatstock Europe takes place as part of the Reeperbahn Festival in the Spielbudenplatz, a widened pedestrian area of the Reeperbahn and it’s open each day from 3 to 10 pm.
Hope to see You all. Well, You at least, the one reading this blog…

Listening to nothing. But I’m thinking at “Good times bad times” of Led Zeppelin…

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  1. hey cover it up with some stickers , i know where you can get some .

    show some pics of the beatles museum !

  2. I’m still so confused… ;-)

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