Today Jesus Lizard will play in Roma, at Circolo degli Artisti.
As You’ll know we’ve done a poster for their show, it’s a part of the serie Secret Serpents has worked on for them.
Probably the exact name is “THE jesus lizard”, but we’re italians, we’ve mafia and we can do whatever we want. Ok?
We won’t be in Roma, sorry, we’re in Belgium and we’ve no super powers, but the posters we’ll be there for selling at the band merchandise, so check them.
Moreover they’ll be on sale from tomorrow on our webstore and obviously our resellers will have them too, so check around and You’ll find them easily.
Here are some pics of details.
JL01This is the numbering, 166 pieces.
JL06And this is the sign. There’s one in the drawing and one with pencil.
You can also notice the roses.
JL03The keys…
JL02 … and the magic wand.
JL05 And finally the sleeping fairy.
Ok, it’s all for now.
I’m also happy to tell You our friends of “Edible Woman” will open the show for THE Jesus Lizard and Lorenzer of Lento will play with them tonight. It sounds cool, a pity not to be there!

Finally, don’t forget to run to Leuven now, this evening we’ll have a show.
Check the previous post to know more!

Listening to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis – “White Lunar”

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  1. Jeeesus!

  2. Mr.S.would like the cover from his book!

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