Back in Belgium

As You’ll understand by the title, we’re back in Belgium.
We’ve been in Tilburg (Holland)  for a couple of days for the international poster art show called Z-stock.
It’s been great to meet Guy Burwell, Gary Houston (Voodoo Catbox), the guys of Vera club from Holland,  Justin Santora and Emy from “Arrache toi un’oil” and all the other guys showing their great artworks during the show.
We were in big tents in a big square full of big stores in the centre of Tilburg. The only thing that was not big was the presence of people attending the show… People were passing by without taking care a lot of all of us, everybody was more attracted by fashion then poster art.
I’ve always said that we had to do a poster with D&G or something like that…
It was weird, all the efforts for creating this show seemed to be wasted by the lack of interest of people.
The great thing of being is a sort of “ghost town” was that we had a lot of time to speak and laugh with Guy and Gary expecially, so it was nice at the end. And meeting all these artists from all over europe and America was amazing too.
We’ve a short video to explain You more.

There was a really old long bearded man that was very very interested in the show, he visited all the tents, all the booths, asking details, looking at the posters and so on. He was about 100/200 years old, a sort of wise man, a modern wizard, really nice. Don’t know, think about this. Sometimes old men are younger then Young guys.
I got hope for my future, then…

Anyway, I started saying we’re back in Belgium, in Leuven.
Tomorrow we’ll have a show here, check the details below:

Monday September 21, 8 PM: Opening with the Malleus Art collective (Yes, it’s about us even if “Art” sounds a little too much…)
September 22 – October 18: Exhibition @
Bar Del Sol, Schapenstraat 105, Leuven, Belgium

So, please, come and say hello. Whenever You are, damn. Don’t stay at home tomorrow. Don’t be lazy. Don’t You know fat is on the corner waiting for You? Move Yourself, come running, do something. We’ll do some push-ups together, I need to loose some weight too, so we could kill two birds with one stone…

And now, ladies and gentleman, knowing I’ven’t written for a couple of days and You’ll be angry, I’ll show You a real piece of art. Lu is the testimonial for it.
Amazing, I was crying taking the picture.
Why art is so heartless?

Listening to TOMORROW right now

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  1. whats that thing growing outta micheal jacksons head ?

  2. turn me on,dead man!
    oh,this is heartless too!

  3. don’t worry about the show in Tilburg.
    next show will be better.
    the moon will shining to evel!

  4. Love to Lu!

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