Scattered thoughts and art prints 3

I know this title has been used twice, but You know, when You like one thig You always try to use it the most possible.
So this is episode 3 of a serie that will become a classic, like Star Trek…
I won’t start with the dead and buried Mike Bongiorno, Patrick Swayze has passed too, there’s someone else governing our Country that never dies… damn.
Neither I’ll speak of dates and birthdays and I cannot use the I.C.O. videoclip cause it’s finished and yet published…
So, I think I’ll unveil a piece of one of the 2 art print we’re gonna present at TRPS.
This is a detail for showing You the sparkling glittered red we’ve used.
apMoreover we’ve used a velvety prismatic white colour, You can see it on the left.
It’s gorgeous. This poster is very good at tact, really.
Well, maybe You’ve understood more of this poster. Or not?
We’ll show You more soon, don’t worry. And we’ve to unveil the other one too.
I like this sort of things, I like to think there’s 2 guys (or maybe the same one?) thinking about what we’re doing.
And if it was 2 of us checking our own blog? So nobody from the outside? Oh god…
No, no, no,  let me dream we’ve 2 people reading this crap.
Anyway, this artprint will be presented at TRPS first.
We’ve shipped them in the USA yet. If I’m not wrong 60 copies will be there.
And don’t forget to come at ArtRock gallery after TRPS, cause we’ll have the other Artprint expecially done for that show, the one we showed You yesterday, the Dark Nouveau print.
And we’re thinking about other great plans with Chuck Sperry and Alan Forbes.
Damn, it’s incredible. You’ve nothing to do for a while and then, suddenly, a lot of dates.
Life is really evil sometimes.

Last thing: tomorrow we’ll be at z-stock in Holland.
It’ll last till sunday, so please, if You come by, just show Yourself and say Hi!
It’s all for now.
Good night

Listening to MOTORPSYCHO right now

7 Responses to “Scattered thoughts and art prints 3”

  1. I enjoy reading your blog, and especially seeing your prints!!

    hopefully you’ll be doing a poster for Them Crooked Vultures!

  2. I will show me another time;)hope you have fun in Tilburg and drink a coffee;)
    the poster is sooo amazing:)go on.I want more…!
    dont beginning to stop and dont stop to beginning.

  3. my last words for today,Im written so much today for old blogs too,
    so now when you are read this you are tired and only want to go to sleep,sorry,ha,ha!
    the death is the beginning of birth!
    good night!nobody will die:)

  4. i ♥ tomorrow never knows the GD

  5. I will be running to your TRPS booth at 10am, can’t wait for more sneak peeks of the “glittery red” print. Also, will Fairytale be for sale at TRPS…I know it’s old, but I WANT!

  6. There’s good info here. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Keep up the good work mate! :)

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