I’m broken.
We’re in Belgium after 1200 kms of travelling in one day. We’re here in the house of our great friends Sara and Benny, very happy to meet them again.
Ok, before I’ll pass out (I need to sleep! A LOT), I’m finally unveil You the Art print for the show in San Francisco at ArtRock gallery on the 10th of October.
Below the pic of the last colour and a pic in the dark with the skull glowing. We’re gonna number the posters once back at home. They’ll be about 100 pieces on paper.

Dark Nouveau
And in the dark

Dark Nouveau glowing skull

Then we’ve realized a short run (about 10 pieces) on polypropylene, only black and the glowing colour.
So, at the end it looks like this:


And this is the plan (I’ve done copy and paste from Chuck’s blog, I’m too tired to think something good and it was good yet, so I’ve stolen it … I’m a thief!):

MALLEUS, the artist collective of Urlo, Poia and Lu, the remarkable poster design team from Italy, will be unveiling their new works and limited art prints on Saturday, October 10 (the evening right after the Hall of Flowers Show) at ARTROCK GALLERY in San Francisco.

Alan Forbes and Chuck Sperry / Ron Donovan of the Firehouse will exhibit with MALLEUS – each presenting art prints specifically designed for the event. In addition there will be a live print demonstration, so you will have an opportunity to acquire an exclusive art print made for you right before your very eyes.

The event is a celebration of “DARK NOUVEAU,”  a return to the roots of poster creation. DARK NOUVEAU evokes equally the fin de siècle style of Toulouse-Lautrec and 1960’s San Francisco Psychedelia – and operates here as a manifesto of reinvention and revision – aimed at connecting to the poster movement of the Decadent Period to the Belle Epoque and folding it into the Psychedelic Period to the present modern global silkscreen movement.

DARK NOUVEAU opens at 7pm • Saturday, October 10 at ARTROCK GALLERY • 893 Folsom Street in San Francisco.

Cool, isn’t it?
You can check more on the blog of Chuck Sperry!
Hope to see You all at TRPS first and then at ArtRock gallery.
Hope to be in the world of dreams in 5 minutes too…
More news tomorrow :-)

Listening to a strange buzz in my head… and it’s heavy like hell…

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  1. rulz!

  2. This looks awesome as usual

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