Controversial – Videoclip

Finally it’s done.
Lu has worked like a donkey (kong) for finishing the video of “Controversial”, amazing song of I.C.O. (well ok, they’ve a long name and it’s Incoming Cerebral Overdrive) from the upcoming album “Controverso”.
I told You we’ve a label, a record label, and it’s called Supernatural Cat and we do limited edition version of our records and blah blah blah… isn’t it?
Ok, the story of this video is quite simple.
We thought it was time to do one, the band was happy, they wanted an animation and we said: “F*** You  guys, we’re a rock label, a metal label, a dirty one. No animation”.
Well, it was only an excuse cause we are not able to do animations at all…
Last year in the USA, in Spokane, in the headquarter of Electric amp, our friend Joel showed us a video of Superjoint Ritual, great band! We were looking at Hank III (great too) and this video came out on You tube.
It was a live video, quite silly, but high explosive!
So we called our friend Federico (Controllo, Golden Mustaches, Fradaraco, Gara… he got plenty of names) for doing a video ignorance soaked. He had just seen a movie called “BUG” (it’s horrible, by the way…) taking place in a room all covered with aluminium foil .
So we thought it could be a good thing to exploit.
So, at the end, Federico directed them in a room covered with aluminium foils and he also got a “Lynch” idea finding a elk mask and putting it on the guys…
Well, ok, cause I’m tired I suggest You to check the video and enjoy it.
Lu did the editing and it’s been an hard work. It took about a month to have it all done, but we’re really happy and proud of it and we hope people will like it too.
If You’ve problems with epilepsy, pay attention, please.

Ok, it’s all for today.
Last colour on the poster? What poster?

Listening to INCOMING CEREBRAL OVERDRIVE – Controverso
Metal, forever

3 Responses to “Controversial – Videoclip”

  1. golden moustaches Says:

    also LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE it s orrible———
    but very very orrible———-

  2. MALLEUS! finally found you in the virtual parallel world. i’ve been dreaming of my AUF dER MAUR / LIVING THINGS poster for years! i never got one, and my wall is naked without it. is there any way a pigeon can drop one into my bedroom window?!
    OOOM, my new multi media concept album will finally see the light of day and dark of night soon. i am hoping we can get some malleus hands on it!
    sneak peak at the film portion, which is having it’s euro premiere at Sitges next month! take a look, and please be in touch!


  3. bianca from work;) Says:

    all respect to Luisa:)great super video.
    mmh,ofcourse,Malleus done:)

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