Don’t You think the title of this post is rad?
Here’s another colour done on the new art print for the show we’ll have in San Francisco with Alan Forbes and Firehouse in a cool gallery I won’t tell You for now. Ahahaah, I’m evil.
Well, I’m more stupid and not good in advertising, maybe…
Anyway, no more chatting and wasting time… The poster is getting shape, also in the dark cause this new colour is glowing.DNWell, I guess You can start to understand better the final design.
We’re totally happy with it, the colours are very very cool and we’re looking forward to see it finished.
We’ve also printed a few A/P on polypropylene (thermoplastic material) and they’ll be very nice.
Well, they’ll be only black and white with the glowing in the dark colour, but they’ll be ok.
So, only one colour left, the black for the outlines.

Moreover, just to start a new contest (it’s unbelievable but now we’ve 2 people reading the blog, maybe it’s always the same guy checking it at home and at work…), we’ve numbered the first Art print specially done for TRPS.
They’ll be 105 posters on black heavy paper.
This is not very helpful, ok, but I want to make it difficult.
Not that much if You do one plus one, tough.
I’ll start from the title. There’s blood in this print.
A powerful and glittered red blood.
And in japanese language “blood” is “Chi” or “Ketsueki”.
Considering “chi” means “who” in italian language, we’ve opt for “Ketsueki”.
And it sounds very good.
Also written on the back of the posters:
ketsueki Japanese, blood, black paper… think about it.
And think a lot cause maybe in the next days we won’t be able to update daily this incredibly catching blog.
I know YOU’re getting mad with this blog, your life has changed, You’re always in front of Your computer waiting for news and it’s making You nervous. But please, take it easy, don’t be fool.
No no no! I was joking! Stay mad, You’re the only one reading our crap…
Please, don’t leave us alone! Oh nooooooooo! No no! Don’t go!

Listening to ALELA DIANE – To be still

5 Responses to “Darkenstein”

  1. Female samurai that has sliced someone open.

    Urlo put the whiskey and keep printing LOL

  2. if the TRPS art print is what i think it might be, how the hell do i get one??? i’m a looooong way from TRPS.

  3. nice video and -title:)
    a sanskritword”vayra” comes from diamond and is an form of Zen.a jap.monk brings it from china to japan.so.I must laughing about”japanese”.but Malleus are the stills like an explosion:)this is polarity .I love it!hope you can loughing now too:)

  4. now I remember to the limited poster on 105:)
    the number contains 1,0,5. 1 what a Magic number,0 the circle and 5 the quintessence. and contains 15 too.the number of 2 pols.the number of the full moon,a holy number(1plus 2plus 3plus 4plus5 are 15)and the number of the godess Ishtar,but its also the numberr of the devil,for desire,and the number of evil:),so its the number of light and dark.maybe its a coincidence,but I dont think so,its like on your cd with 66:06 min and 7 tracks:) I saw it,so amazing,so brillant!but should talk about Blood,Im thinking about the lifeenergy.so,Now you can translate my bad english to english and then to italian,ha,ha!and I cant sleep and think about Blood:)

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