Another colour.
DN2We should do a  contest, something like: “Draw yourself the new Malleus’ poster before it’s done and win it”.
Don’t know if it’d be a good idea cause if there’s someone else doing the poster we’re doing then who the hell would be the owner of it? The creator?
Imagine the problem.
So, no contests, it’s better.
Well, let’s just imagine what’s coming out looking at the pic above, there are 4 colours now and only 2 left.
One is a nice colour glowing in the dark and the other will be black.
Then it’ll be finished and ready to be numbered.
Tomorrow we’ll sign the ones for TRPS and then, if You’ll be nice, we’ll put a preview and we’ll tell You more.
Damn, I’ve notice now there’s nothing really interesting in this post, so how can i justify the tags I’ve put in it?
I’ve to say something about them…
I need a chewing gum to think better…
Flip flap is for samurai.
Sticky tac is always useful when You’re in Seattle.

“Use once and destroy” is an impressive album.
And this video is FANTASTICO

3 Responses to “Darker”

  1. what a funny conversation here:) suspense!
    how long need God for the creation?Im following the steps:)Its interesting and waiting for tomorrow!

  2. superjoint:)

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