While packing all for Europe, we’re preparing stuff for the USA and printing the last things.
If there’s something You’d like to see in the USA, please tell us.
I mean, some particular poster or such.
We’ve to number the artprints we’ve done for TRPS before unveiling them.
I hope a lot of You will be happy. They’re really nice and one of the 2 is glittered like hell.
Today we’ve started to print another print for a show we’re plenning is San Francisco.
I hope to be able to tell You more soon.
In the meantime check these pics of the first 3 colours.
It’ll be a 6 colours, so only 3 pics to see the complete design:-)
Colour 1This is the dark red colour.
colour 2This is the metallic green, look carefully and You’ll notice. Mmmhh… guess what these 2 spots could be…
colour 3And this is the third colour, a dark blue.
Well, with a little imagination it’s possible to understand.
I think that with the 4th colour it’ll be a little more clear.
So, we’ll be back with the confirmed dates for San francisco and all.
It’s all for today, our Premier is still alive, so there’s nothing to be happy for.

Just finished “Shiosai” by Yukio Mishima.
Very nice book

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