Scattered thoughts and art prints 2

We surely know that Mike Bongiorno is dead. We got the proof, he was an 85 years old man, so it’s quite natural he’s gone.
I was rather thinking that yesterday  was the 11th of september, a bad day for Chile and USA (but I think it has been a bad day for a lot of people in Afghanistan and then in Iraq too…)
I don’t know if it’s the birthday of someone, it’ll surely be.
We’ve still to number a lot of posters, anyway less then the last time.
We’re still working at the videoclip for I.C.O and it’s coming really cool. I love this band.
Shipping tubes arrived and now our studio is really packed with everything. It’s a real mess.
We’ve planes ticket for San Francisco. And we hope we’ll go to LA too.
Discovered different voices reading everything on our Macbook has maken us really suspicious. We never feel alone.
Star Trek is still boring and our friend Fede has confirmed this idea.
It’s always late here when I write in this blog and don’t know if it’s a good thing to write on a blog when You’re tired.
But considering I’m always tired there’s no difference in writing on another moment of the day.
Well, I could try.
To be serious I could write that on the 09.09.09 , our latest two art prints “Watching You” and “Tomorrow never knows” has been put on sale on our webstore.
Only 20 copies of each are available.
You can see details, videos and pics below.
It’s time to  go to sleep but I think it’s important to spend a few words on the drug priest that has hijacked an airplane a few days ago…
It’s been something really incredible. He just wanted to tell the mexican president to keep attention cause God in person told him there could be an earthquake… Amazing.
Last thing! Our only reader has expressed interest to know more about the shows in the USA.
We’ll tell You more in the next days. Well, I don’t know why I’ve used “You” if we’ve only one reader…
What we know id that we’ll be in San Francisco from the 6th to the 26th of october, we’ll be with our friend Chuck Sperry (and damn, he’s doing a lot of great stuff lately, I’ve just been on his site and his new “power to the peaceful” poster is great!!!), we’ll meet Alan Forbes, Jorge Gamboa (Hillszilla poster and GD), Ron, Justin, Mark, the comic shop at the corner, the shoe store, the man with the hat and the girls smiling, the people playing “salami toss” and the asian guy driving a taxi without knowing the roadmap of SF… Maybe we’ve forgotten someone.
Good night.

Listening to FEVER RAY right now…

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  1. Starship Oedipus , by Sean lynch 1999


    turn off deep space 9

    how pedestrian

    put in that tape I have of the Original Series

    Kirk , Spock , McCoy

    Mens’s men

    They’ve designed computor games out of single episodes

    Like that one ” balence of Terror ”

    NOW Go get me a beer

    and be quiet in the kitchen

    Your mom’s watching the next generation . she’s got a thing for that guy data

    I know she does son

    I can hear her crying over him

    A filthy android

    give me Shatner anyday , he knows romance

    he knows how to play hardball with the Romulans

    and poker with the Klingons

    He’ll kick a man in the chest if he has too

    or help out his best friend in a jam

    BUT DATA , that guys soft

    a 80’s man

    Kirk bled DAMMIT

    now son you’re not going to side with your mother are you ?

    put down that phaser

    put it down dammit

    I’m WARNING you

    somebody’s going to get hurt

    Son . give it here

    please son . give it to me


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