Scattered thoughts and art prints.

Mike Bongiorno is dead.
It’s Lollo birthday.
We’ve to number a lot of posters.
We’re working at the videoclip for I.C.O.
We’re waiting for shipping tubes.
We’ve planes ticket for San Francisco.
We’ve just discovered different voices reading everything on our Macbook.
Star Trek is boring.
It’s late here and don’t know if it’s a good thing to write on a blog when You’re tired.
To be serious I could write that today, well it’s the 09.09.09 , our latest two art prints “Watching You” and “Tomorrow never knows” will be on sale on our webstore.
Only 20 copies of each will be available.
You can see details below.
It’s time to  go to sleep.

Listening to nothing, right now…

2 Responses to “Scattered thoughts and art prints.”

  1. sorry about your tragic loss

  2. hey,whats a date.the 9th day of the 9th month,this was the menfest of potency yang;) salute!:)
    hope you will have nice days in Hamburg !

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