It’s a wonderful day

Today has been one of that day You usually should hate, but I feel quite happy cause everything went well, at the end.
It’s about 3 days we’re trying to complete an art print for TRPS (we will unveil it in the next weeks) and it’s been really a pain in the ass, cause everything started as a mess.
1. We bought a very cool paper for it, a white glittered one, we used it in the past for a poster we did for Witch.
We usually ask to our friend Nunzio (at our favourite printing shop Litograf, where we’ve printed our book) to store the paper we use, cause at today, our studio is too small to use a part of it as a warehouse.
Anyway, we went before the mid of August to take this glittered paper and, don’t know why, Nunzio sent it back the day before. So, no paper till the end of August, cause the paper mill where we usually buy, was on holiday.
2. We came back at the end of August, after calling the paper mill again to send the paper to Nunzio, and we risked to cut it wrong. We started in talking like old mothers-in-law and we gave the cutter the wrong size. In the middle of our nice chatting and baffling, fear took possession of me and I saw the light… fortunately I stopped all and we changed the cutter to the right sizes…
3. So, we had the paper.
We started the printing process with a shade. Ok, imagine?
No way to make it work. Don’t know why.
We had to wait one day and… ta-daa! It worked.
4. Three days to make the black ink on the posters…
First day, the emulsion decided it was the right day for detaching from the screen… no way.
We have used  a big screen of cm 100 x 70 (40 x 27 inches) and it was seriously a problem.
So, let’s clean it and try again.
Second day, we put the colour on the screen and, great moment for human history, in one second it was all dry and all the screen closed. Fuck…
Third day, in the morning, new screen, new emulsion.
Same problem of the first day. Let’s try to repair it with a brush painting emulsion on it.
Let’s print and… nothing to do.
But, incredibly, without a reason, in the afternoon, it worked.
Well, I felt like the incredible Hulk, I had to push the squegee like an obsessed body builder on a 100 kgs dumb bell, but it worked.
And now, they look really cool. Really really. And I feel stronger :-)
So, at the end the art print is finished and it looks brilliant. We are happy.
Moreover, we’ve found a new studio, a bigger one.
It’s an old “soda factory” I’ve always loved, since I was Younger.
There are some works to do, but it’ll be the next Malleus Lab.
So, at the end, it’s a wonderful day.

Listening to GRAILS Doomsdayer’s holiday

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  1. ” soda factory ” , go with it . 40 inches ?

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