As some of You may know, we run a small record label.
Well, if we’d prefer to start from the beginning, 2 of us play in the band Ufomammut and some years ago we decided to start the project called “Supernatural Cat” to produce our own records plus Morkobot and Lento, our favourite italian bands of today. We’re trying to make good music with great packagings, handicraft music for the masses…
Anyway, the next band out for our label will be Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, a post hardcore band with a lot of italian prog reminescences.
We’re putting together the limited edition vinyls in these days, they’re coming out really really cool.
Well, anyway, we’ve just finished to capture all the recordings our friend Gara has filmed last weekend, for realizing their new videoclip.
He’s done a great work, he’s filmed them in a very claustrophobic room, all draped with aluminium foils.
We’re very happy of the results and Lu is editing the video, so it’ll be ready very soon.
In the meantime You can check the music of I.C.O. and download  wallpapers, widgets and banners of the band  on myspace page of Supernatural Cat.

Enjoy it!

Just read the new issue of “Blade of the immortal” by Hiroaki Samura.
It’s amazing.

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