New works

We’re working at a lot of projects we’re going to unveil, little by little, in the next days.
We’ll be travelling in Europe from the mid of september, partecipating at Z-stock in Holland, Flatstock Europe in Hamburg and we’ll be attending a couple of shows in Belgium (Leuven and Atwerp).
Then from the 7th of October we’ll be in California, guests of our friend Chuck Sperry in San Francisco.
We’ll be at TRPS and then we’re working on some other shows.
Anyway, we’re preparing lots of posters for these cool meetings.
What can we say… in these prints coming, there’s a lot of music from our favourite bands (Pink Floyd, Beatles “uber alles”), there’s lots of Japanese details, something to cure Your eyes, some vinyls and hints to Art Nouveau… a nice mix of things.
So, stay tuned !

Just watched “Rosemary’s baby” by Roman Polanski

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