Is there anybody out there?

Hey all!
This is the first post and, obviously, it’s difficult to find out something good to say.
Well, just a few lines to tell You this is our brand new blog, we’ll try to keep it updated and make it fun.
We apologize for the english way we’ll write, hope we won’t make too much mistakes…
Be back in a while

Currently listening to Ryokuchi, amazing japanese band

5 Responses to “Is there anybody out there?”

  1. Neil Lorentzen Says:

    I can’t wait to see the new prints that are coming.

  2. looks rad . beatles uber alles makes me scared …….

  3. I love to be the first (in this blog) to say I love your poster. ;_)
    (I apologize for my english too)

  4. Ciao cari!
    Auguri per il blog, i poster e tutto il resto!

  5. OK, lets blog!!

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